Sinatra & Bublé

The Sinatra & Bubé Show features  all the popular songs of Frank Sinatra, a personal favourite of Howard Collins, as they both share the same birthday, and the irresistible music of Michael Bublé, with experienced swing and jazz musicians.

Sinatra & Bublé Show will have you singing along to the great Sinatra tunes, “The Lady is a Tramp,” “The Summer Wind”, “New York, New York”, dancing to the romantic Michaels Bublés, version of “Sway”, “Me & Mrs Jones” or his beautiful ballad, “Home”.

The Sinatra & Bublé Show will give you a memorable night of classic and unforgettable tunes, from two great eras of music.

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Michael Bublé


Me and Mrs Jones


Songs By Frank Sinatra

Summer Wind

Lady Is A Tramp

Mac The Knife


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